Arborist Perth WA

If you need a professional arborist in Perth WA, here at Perth Tree Service you will find a team of specialised experts who are skilled and trained to provide second to none services such as lopping, cutting, pruning and stump removing. When you choose our company as the leading arborist in Perth WA, you’re making the smart choice to ensure your yard, garden or space dedicated to agriculture is kept in optimal conditions, promoting healthy growth among your natural assets and ensuring all trees and vegetation receive the amount of sunlight they’re supposed to without posing as risks to your home or building.


With the help of a professional arborist in Perth WA, you can rest assured knowing tree branches are only as long as they’re needed and will not over extend invading the space other trees are supposed to occupy which can be dangerous in high wind areas especially and unsightly. When you choose Perth Tree Service, you’re selecting a business that offers all year round services, using top quality tools to ensure the results are the ones expected leaving your land free from stumps and making sure it’s ready to be re-used as soon as we finish our job. We provide senior discounts so don’t hesitate to contact us if you’re looking for a competitive rate.


Over 40 years of experience offering the most professional service as an arborist in Perth WA have allowed us to understand the needs of every potential client we have, offering a service that is fast and effective since the very first inspection. Call us now and our friendly crew full of experts will be happy to provide you with detailed information regarding our services as arborist in Perth WA. We’re available for storm, wind, and flood emergencies as well, making sure our clients’ yards or gardens are safe even after a natural event.