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Tree Felling & Removal


No task is to big or small for Dean and the guys at Perth Tree Service.

We remove all varieties of trees. Tree removal can be the best method in some instances where the tree might have a disease which could spread to other trees, removing the threat and saving other trees.

Removal is Recommended when a tree:

  • is dead, dying, or considered irreparably hazardous
  • is causing an obstruction or is crowding and causing harm to other trees and the situation is impossible to correct through pruning
  • is to be replaced by a more suitable specimen
  • should be removed to allow for construction
Tree Trimming & Pruning


The main reasons for pruning ornamental and shade trees include safety, health, and aesthetics. In addition, pruning can be used to stimulate fruit production and increase the value of timber.

Pruning for safety involves removing branches that could fall and cause injury or property damage, trimming branches that interfere with lines of sight on streets or driveways, and removing branches that grow into utility lines. Safety pruning can be largely avoided by carefully choosing species that will not grow beyond the space available to them, and have strength and form characteristics that are suited to the site.

Pruning for health involves removing diseased or insect-infested wood, thinning the crown to increase airflow and reduce some pest problems, and removing crossing and rubbing branches. Pruning can best be used to encourage trees to develop a strong structure and reduce the likelihood of damage during severe weather. Removing broken or damaged limbs encourages wound closure.


Tree Bracing & Cabling


At Perth Tree Service we can attach Cables and Braces to trees.

These are generally attached to new transplants or to correct a damaged tree. Please contact us for your requirements.

Lot Clearing and Land Clearance


Clearing of land for the purpose of building.

Most of the time trees inside the building envelope will have the stumps removed with an excavator.
Outside of the building envelope would be stump ground.


Fire Breaks, Clearances & Prevention


Check with your local council for the latest regulations

Tree Maintenance Schedule

We can provide a Maintaince Schedule for your Trees and Palms.

We can attend the property on a
3 monthly, 6 monthly, Annually or Bi-Annually.

Crew and Equipment Hire

We can provide a Labour hire service to the Tree industry

Please call with your requirements.

Street Tree Services

Street Trees can be carefully trimmed to maintain clearance from Powerlines, Roads and Properties.

Large Tree Services


Large tree removal can be accomplished with a number of methods including felling, craning and climbing to limb.

Confined removals require excellent climbing, rigging and cutting skills.

The safety of your property and all people is paramount, we are experienced to make the right decisions and use appropriate work methods to do the job both quickly and safely.

Removal is recommended when the tree:

  • is dead, dying, or considered irreparably hazardous
  • is causing an obstruction or is crowding and causing harm to other trees and the situation is impossible to correct through pruning
  • is to be replaced by a more suitable specimen
  • should be removed to allow for construction



Tree Risk Assessments


We at Perth Tree Service are in the Buisness of saving trees. We believe with careful pruning alot of trees could be saved.

With the aid of the most Qualified Arborcultural Consultants in Perth we can carry out a risk assessment on a tree or many for your piece of mind. Please call for details.

Tree Services to Industry, Government and Property Management

At Perth Tree Service we have the equipment and experience necessary to undertake any commercial tree services.

We have undertaken many Commercial Clients who have been extremely pleased with our service and professionalism.

We use the most up to date JSA’s that we have developed with some of the largest Civil Contractors in Perth.

Our JSA’s and Safe Work Method Statements are up to the highest of standards. The most important thing is that our staff abide by our OH&S standards.

At Perth Tree Service all risks are assessed on every job undertaken to make sure the job gets done right the first time and all Safety guidelines are followed.


Experienced Staff

All staff and Contractors at Perth Tree Service are competent, licenced and ready to work. We understand that if it was easy, most people would do it themselves.


Professional Service Levels


JSA & Operation Policies In Place

We at Perth Tree Service use the latest “Job safety Analysis”(JSA) and “Safe Work Method Statement”(SWMS) tooling to provide staff with a methodical, Safe working proceedure.

Our JSA’s and SWMS’s are created site specific, not just from a template


Excellent Safety Record

At Perth Tree Service we pride ourselves on an excellent safety record. We dont rush, just to get the job finished. There is no level of complacency here…


Projects Managed to Schedule

Generally trees are one of the first or last things to get sorted when carrying out projects. We understand that there is a crew of workers waiting for the tree work to be completed. We manage our part of the project to ensure deadlines are met.

Mr B Morris

“Massive thanks to Dean and his crew! Two huge gumtrees removed from our backyard and not a single bit of mess leftover. Bloody Brilliant!”

Dean & Cristy





“Cheers to ourselves for being bloody amazing”

– Maddington-

Greg & Tonya

“Dean was on time and helped us clear our block in a very efficient manner. Extremely friendly and professional.”

– Subiaco –

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