Stump Grinding 

Perth Tree Service can remove any tree stump, no matter how big or how small. Our professional team provides stump grinding services for both commercial and residential applications.

And using our powerful, high-speed disks, Perth Tree Service can grind the stump effortlessly into small chips of wood to use as mulch, leaving the stump ground-down, and allowing you to re-use the land.

At Perth Tree Service we recommend undertaking a professional stump removal for a wide range of different reasons. Tree stumps can be a breeding ground for termite colonies or white ants, which can travel from the stump and threaten the structure of your house, shed or any buildings located in the vicinity.

Tree stumps can be tripping hazards, particularly if the stump is very close to the ground and tree remnants can also harbor fungal or mildew-like diseases, which can be a major health hazard to nearby trees and vegetation.

And tree stumps can be just plain ugly. Without manual removal they can take up to 20 years to decay naturally.

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